Making a Realistic Logging Car from an Athearn 40 Foot Flatcar

Perhaps no railroad cars were subjected to abuse more than the gondola and flatcar. How often have we seen bent and swayed back gondolas and looked down, from and overpass, on the gnarled flooring of flatcars. As these cars reached the end of their useful life on major railroads, many found their way to short lines and logging railroads to serve a few more years.

Our first On-line Clinic shows you how to age and weather an out-of-the-box plastic flatcar. Ray Long has put together easy to follow, illustrated step-by-step instructions that will produce a well used piece of rolling stock that would likely be found on a logging railroad or short line. Ray shows you how to weather the finish and to distress the wood flooring with realistic results. This is a high resolution document that will print sharply. Click on the image to the left to download the On-line Clinic.*

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